Myths and Facts About Crime Solvers

Myth: Tax dollars fund the Crime Solvers program.
Fact: All the monies used to fund Crime Solvers are received from donations from businesses and private citizens and fund raising.
Myth: I will have to give my name and personal information in order to receive a reward.
Fact: When you call the Tip Line, you will be given a call number. That number
is how you will be identified to the call taker. You will be told to
call Crime Solvers back in a set amount of time to see if you are
eligible for a reward based on the information given.
Myth: Crime Solvers is a branch of the Harrisonburg Police Department and/or Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office.
Fact: Crime Solvers is comprised of private citizens that work together with
the local media outlets by providing the means in which you can share
information about crimes you have knowledge about with local law